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At last - a natural, lab-tested, clinically proven nutraceutical spray that really makes a difference. Stop being disappointed & start taking Ascetia.

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Reboot Your Immune System

Antiflame-X is a natural bioactive peptide compound designed to help reboot & regulate dysfunctional immune systems & the inflammation that often accompanies it.

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How It Works

Ascetia combines time-tested natural components with pharmaceutical grade manufacturing processes for clinically proven results. Here’s how:

Recalibrates Immune System

Your immune system is your first & best line of defense against illness, infection & disease. But it can become compromised – even dysfunctional. Ascetia reboots & restores your body’s factory settings, bringing balance & well-being.

Regulates Inflammation

Some inflammation is useful while other forms are dangerous & debilitating. Pathological inflammation can be deadly. Ascetia Antiflame-X has been shown to naturally regulate inflammation to soothe uncomfortable aches & pains.

Bioactive Peptide Formula

Peptides are small protein chains of amino acids. While they do occur naturally, our scientific studies & processes have allowed us to extract & test the peptides so they are optimized for application in our daily oral spray.


"I was introduced to Ascetia as something that could help with aches & pains. I struggle thanks to a career in professional sports & arthritis. The results have been fantastic: I’m now able to train in far less pain & push myself further. I recommend this product to anybody looking to help reduce pain caused by inflammation & to sports men & women out there looking to prolong their careers."

- Richard (age 49)

"I was a passionate runner before having my second child, when I was diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis that left me in severe pain after any high-impact activity. Taking Ascetia's Antiflame-X has helped me significantly with the pain and I can now run again. Ecstatic."

- Dani (age 30)

"I've suffered for 10 years with osteoporosis in my neck that has now extended to my right arm. Taking Ascetia the pain was completely alleviated. I was able to move my back with complete ease without the usual crunching and cracking noise. I felt like I had been oiled!"

- Carol (age 60)

"I tried Ascetia for chronic back pain which I’ve had for years. It started easing the pain on day one and after two days I couldn’t feel any of my normal aches or pains. I have started exercising and take long walks without my back getting tired and inflamed. I feel like a normal healthy person again!"

- Mira (age 29)

"My mom who has Alzheimer’s slipped off her bed before Christmas and was in constant pain and discomfort in her back for several months. This miraculously ceased three days ago. I have no doubt [Ascetia] is working... Huge thanks for your potential game changing input."

- Daine (age 51)

"I suffer quite significantly with lower back pain. This is something that I have had almost every day in varying degrees of severity due to a degenerative disc. To my amazement within a couple of days of beginning Ascetia, my back pain has pretty much disappeared. I have even done a few jobs in the garden this week. Normally this would cause significant pain the following day, but I have been fine. Thank you!"

- Katie (age 43)

"It seems too soon to say this but the morning after soccer, I’m not hobbling! Normally the inflammation in my heel is pretty bad and I’m limping until Sunday or Monday but I took a double dose before I played and one afterwards and nothing! I am amazed to say the least."

- Sam (age 55)

Relieves Pain At The Source

Ascetia’s Natural Protein Complex combined with our innovative Bioactive Peptide Technology has been shown to activate key cellular pathways, energizing cells & increasing the ability of the immune system to actively deal with inflammation & infection.

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Simply Spray

Antiflame-X comes in a convenient spray format. Delivered sublingually (under the tongue), this offers a more absorbable, effective, & pleasant experience than tablets or capsules.

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Provides Ongoing Protection

As a prophylactic (preventative tool), Antiflame-X helps protect against chronic disease & assists in maintaining overall health & wellbeing.

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Ascetia’s flagship product, Antiflame-X, is a natural, lab-tested, clinically proven nutraceutical spray that really makes a difference. Just spray under your tongue & give your immune system the reboot it needs.

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Got questions? We've got answers. Feel free to email us at info@ascetia.com

What is Ascetia?

Ascetia is a Bioactive Peptide Formula that can be taken orally. Ascetia's flagship product, Antiflame-X, is clinically proven to re-calibrate the immune system & regulate inflammation.

How is it made?

Our concentrated peptide solution occurs in nature but requires a laboratory-based scientific method to place it in suspension so that it can be taken as a spray supplement.

Why is it a spray?

Sprays are highly absorbable. In some studies, sprays have been shown to be 100% more absorbable than pills. They act faster, are easier to take & do not leave any plastics in the stomach lining.

How often do I take it?

Each bottle delivers ~4-6 sprays every day for a month. You may feel there are times when you would benefit from a double dose & that is perfectly fine. Ascetia is a nutraceutical & completely safe.


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