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What is Ascetia?

Ascetia is a Bioactive Peptide Formula that can be taken orally. Ascetia Antiflame-X is clinically proven to re-calibrate the immune system and regulate inflammation.

Where does Ascetia come from?

Ascetia was developed in the United Kingdom, originally as part of our biotech drug development program. However, we discovered a method of extracting the same bioactive ingredients that had helped thousands of patients in the UK, allowing us to form the foundation formula for our nutraceutical product.

Our concentrated peptide solution occurs in nature but requires a laboratory-based scientific method to place it in suspension so that it can be taken as a spray supplement.

How often should I take it?

Each bottle is 60ml (2 fl. oz.) and will deliver approximately 4-6 sprays every day for a month. You may feel there are times when you would benefit from a double dose and that is perfectly fine. Ascetia is a nutraceutical and, therefore, completely safe.

Can children take Ascetia?

Ascetia is a natural food supplement and is suitable for all age groups.

How should I store it?

You should keep your bottle of Ascetia chilled in the fridge.

What results should I expect?

Ascetia is a health supplement and therefore we are prohibited from making health claims. To see how Ascetia has benefited others, check out our customer reviews!

To review scientific studies that have informed our understanding of how Ascetia can help reboot your immune system and regulate inflammation, click here.

Why a spray rather than a pill?

Sprays are highly absorbable. In some studies, sprays have been shown to be 100% more absorbable than pills. They act faster, are easier to take and do not leave any plastics in the stomach lining.

What is the science behind Ascetia?

To see the scientific studies that we have carried out to demonstrate the effects of Ascetia on live cells, click here.

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