Nature’s Formula for Rapid Recovery & Immunity Protection

We’ve all experienced inflammation at some point in our lives. Following an injury or the onset of an infection, localized inflammation is part of our body’s natural healing process. However, when this immune response lingers, it can cause longterm pain and damage to the body. Ascetia is a powerful, new health supplement– providing industry-leading preventative and curative assistance in the nutrition-based fight against inflammation. Our proprietary Natural Bioactive Peptide formula Ascetia is designed to work powerfully with your body’s own natural defenses.

Born out of biotech research, our extra strength recovery formula has been
clinically proven to help re-calibrate a dysfunctional immune system. And our unique spray formulation absorbs into your body up 100% faster than pills. Whether you’re an active athlete looking for faster recovery or simply seeking natural and effective immunity protection, Ascetia has what you need:  

• Revolutionary Transfer Factor formulas
• Helps promote a strong, robust immune system
• Recalibrates (rather than suppresses) the immune system
• Provides cell support against virus attack
• Ideal as a recovery solution
• Backed by medical science
• Safe for daily use

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