Our Values

We could’ve followed any number of paths, but we chose this one: to safely, effectively relieve pain and help as many people as possible to lead productive lives. Here’s why:

We Care

It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re unhealthy & in pain. We don’t want anyone to have to live that way. As a British biotech devoted to solving physiological problems, we feel our best when you feel your best.

We're Inclusive

What we do for one, we do for all. Whether we're looking at our customers or the members of our team, we don’t want anyone left on the sidelines. To you, that means affordable products & responsive customer engagement.

We Believe

The future can be wonderful. It can. Despite all of life’s difficulties & challenges, we're a team of optimists at Ascetia. We believe in our innovations. Hope is powerful. Our results, even more so.

Why Ascetia?

We’ve all experienced inflammation at some point in our lives. Following an injury or the onset of an infection, localized inflammation is part of our body’s natural immune response and healing process. However, chronic inflammation, where the immune response lingers, causing long term pain and potentially fatal damage to the body, is a growing hazard to public health. Current scientific studies have suggested that, globally, 3 of 5 people die due to chronic diseases linked to inflammation.[1]

Short-term or acute inflammation is a sign of our body protecting and repairing itself. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, occurs when the body’s healing mechanisms are disrupted and inflammation becomes pathological, leaving the body in a long- term state of self-attack that can be debilitating and destructive.

Ascetia is a powerful, new health supplement providing industry- leading preventative and curative assistance in the nutrition-based fight against inflammation and its role in chronic conditions. Containing Immune-X, our proprietary Natural Bioactive Peptide formula, Ascetia is a new kind of supplement; one that is designed to work powerfully with (and within) you to reinforce your body’s own natural defenses.

Our Story

Life in the British countryside can be slow. There’s a lot of time to think.

As a biotech company, we'd been developing what would be an extremely expensive, exclusive injectable. We'd already seen in its clinical application in the UK that it helped patients in significant ways. But how many people would be able to use it going forward at pharmaceutical prices? We were laboring for the few, it seemed. We felt the bittersweet experience of doing something that made a real difference, but would be out of reach for so many who needed it.

We ended up redirecting the largest part of our resources into developing a new product: Ascetia. A nutraceutical spun out of a drug development journey. Affordable, effective, natural and – as you would expect from a supplement – completely safe.

To say we are delighted with the results is an understatement. In fact, as we say in the British countryside, we’re chuffed to bits!

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Ascetia’s flagship product, Antiflame-X, is a natural, lab-tested, clinically proven nutraceutical spray that really makes a difference. Just spray under your tongue & give your immune system the reboot it needs.

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