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Our extra strength recovery formula has been clinically proven to help re-calibrate a dysfunctional immune system. Laboratory tests have clearly demonstrated Ascetia's® powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help you. So, if you have tried everything but still can't find relief, it’s time to turn to Antiflame-X.

Product Details: 

  • Revolutionary Transfer Factor formulas
  • Helps promote a strong, robust immune system
  • Recalibrates rather than suppresses the immune system
  • Provides cell support against virus attack
  • Available as a recovery solution
  • Backed by medical science

Our Promise

With Ascetia, you can be certain of two things. First, that every bottle of bioactive peptide formula we ship has been made with rigorous care and attention for both the product itself and for your well-being. Second, that we will be right here for you along your Ascetia journey. We want your feedback and questions so we can assist as you make the move to better health.


• Potassium (16mg)

• ImmuneX (10mg)

• Sodium (1mg)

• Chloride (1mg)

Contains Lactose

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Relieves Pain At The Source

Ascetia’s Natural Protein Complex combined with our innovative Bioactive Peptide Technology has been shown to activate key cellular pathways, energizing cells & increasing the ability of the immune system to actively deal with inflammation & infection.

Simply Spray

Antiflame-X comes in a convenient spray format. Delivered sublingually (under the tongue), this offers a more absorbable, effective, & pleasant experience than tablets or capsules.

Provides Ongoing Protection

As a prophylactic (preventative tool), Antiflame-X helps protect against chronic disease & assists in maintaining overall health & wellbeing.


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